Monday, September 19, 2011

My first kiss...

Connor—our little, independent man—gave me my first kiss today! There was no head turning or dodging of my kisses (very little boy-like), instead, there was just a wonderful kiss!
By the way, over the weekend he took off on his walker! I think he may be walking by his birthday!
We also had our first independent step. He was standing—all by himself—and then he took a step!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Inspired by my friend Catie’s blogging perseverance, I have decided to post as well! There is obviously a lot to get caught up since the last time we posted was back in March—oh my! I will do my best to recap, since it is much deserved. It may work best for my memory if I work backwards.
·    How is it September already?! My baby boy will be one year old this month! Wow, the time has flown by.
·    Connor is boasting his one-handed stand.
·    Since it’s only the 5th day of September there is not much to document except that we are having a play date today. I am so thankful for my mommy friends and the monthly play dates we have had!

·    Connor continues to be very mobile. His crawling has gotten even better—and faster! This is also a good time to note that I am quite thankful for our small, one-level, house. We baby proof by closing all the bedroom and bathroom doors. It’s great because we can be in any of the main rooms and still see Connor.
·    Connor’s favorite hobby continues to be doors…cupboard doors, bedroom doors, shower doors. If it moves, Connor loves it.
·    It seems that Connor will eat mostly anything. I would not classify him as a picky eater (thank goodness!).
·    He continues to be an avid boater.

·    Connor went on his first true vacation. He was an all-star vacationer! We went to NYC where he endured the 2011 heat wave and then we went to Keuka Lake, NY, to cool off in the lake’s waves.
·    While in NYC he started waving at the encouragement of his Noni and Poppi Maloney.
·    Connor did wonderful swimming at the lake. He’s already showing signs of being a water fish like his mommy.
·   Connor was eating solids like a champ.

·    Connor started crawling in June! Unfortunately I did not note the exact date (that was supposed to be the point of this blog—documentation!). My guess is that it was late June.
·    Besides crawling, he quickly learned to pull up items—anything.
·    His favorite hobby: opening and closing cupboard or regular doors.
·    Connor was introduced to solids.
·    We got a family toy—a boat!
·    Connor learned to clap.

Apparently March – May get a little fuzzy for me. But, I can tell you that it was definitely filled with lots of smiles because Connor is such a sweet baby. In fact, Jeremy and I mainly talk about what a good baby Connor is and how blessed we are to be his parents.
Let’s Celebrate the Small Victories:
1.       Connor is crawling!
2.       Connor has three teeth!
3.       Mommy is almost over her fear of Connor choking on solid foods!
1.       Post in October to document the details of Connor’s first birthday
2.       Post, even if only sentence, when Connor walks
3.       Post when I get my first kiss from Connor

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy 5 Months (and some)!

We’re now in month 5 (and have been for a week or so now)! Here’s some of what Lil’ C has and hasn’t been up to:
-     First words “ma ma”; he says them, but does not direct them to me. Although, simply hearing “ma ma” is more than enough for me. My hubby is now working on “da da”
-     Still sleeping through the night (8:30/9:00 p.m. – 6:30 a.m.)
-     Attempting to roll from his back to his stomach (stomach to back already mastered)
-     Still breastfeeding (our goal is to BF until 6 months…from there we’ll see)
-     Not eating cereal yet; he is showing some interest in food now, meaning that his eyes will follow what we eat or drink
-     Still melting our hearts with his wonderful smile
-     More hair (it has a cute fuzziness to it)
-     Getting his nails “done” more than his mommy. Seriously, I cut his nails ALL the time. My nails, on the other hand, finally received some attention last weekend
-     Not teething that we know of (meaning he is sleeping through the night and a wonderful baby during the day)
Let’s celebrate the small victories:
1.   Posting our first month post (no this will not be a victory every month, although it should be)
2.   Paying all the bills on time (this may make more since after reading the first post)
3.   Our wonderful, still small, baby boy, for making our hearts flutter every morning when those small eyes open up and look up at us

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CafeMom Tickers

One of those days...

It’s been one of those days, nothing seems to go right and everything seems to be falling in on me. Which makes this a weird day to add more to my to-do list (i.e., starting a blog), right? We’ll get to that.
I’ve been meaning to start a blog forever now. But, the truth of the matter is that it intimidates me. I actually went to school partially for writing. I shouldn’t tell anyone that because I don’t have confidence in my ability to write --planning and organizing, that’s another story.
However, I am going to push past my fears of what others might think and create an archive for my wonderful baby boy. I want to be able to remember what I was thinking and feeling during the different stages of his life. What better place to capture that than the internet?
My goal (note: goal) is to post about my son, Lil’ C/Lil’ Man/etc., once or month. If we’re lucky, we may also get additional post about other moments worth sharing, exciting or the other.
Now, let’s get back to it’s just been one of those days. I should begin this conversation with the fact that I am a Type A personality (seeing the connection with being good at planning and organizing?). This morning I went to wash out my pumping supplies when the water stopped running. I called my wonderful husband to help me shed light on this situation. He suggested that I look in our “basement” to see if a water pipe broke. So I dredged out into the rainy, cold weather, into the very creep “basement” (I know, I know, drama queen—only for today). Good news—no water leak; bad news—water still not flowing from the faucet. So our next logical question was, was our water shut off? When was the last time I paid the bill? January? Surely, I paid the bill in January, I thought. NOPE! It turns out I missed payment for January and February. Don’t worry, the bills have been paid and we have water again.
The moral of this story, is that I felt like I was falling behind on life. You’re talking to the woman who could state what day of the week, date, and time her next dentist appointment was (6 months down the road!). Now, with a baby, and we’ll say “baby brain”, I can’t even remember to pay the monthly water bill. It felt like a big deal at the time. Anyways, it reminded me of other life tasks on my to-do list, this blog being one of them!
Let’s celebrate the small victories:
  1. Our water is back on
  2. This blog is up and running
  3. I received, as always, a huge smile from Lil’ C tonight!